Mick McGinty

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Mick McGinty


Tahoe Boulder Shore

  • Oil on panel

  • Panel: 11” high x 14" wide

  • Frame: 18.5” high x " 21.5” wide

  • Signature: Lower right

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About the work

Like many of our featured historic masters, the unmatched beauty of Lake Tahoe’s shoreline proved an irresistible attraction for contemporary artist Mick McGinty. Mick’s career spans more than 30 years as one of America’s top-tier illustrators. His widely published artwork includes visuals for such high-profile clients as the National Football League, Universal Studios, MTV, McDonalds, Adidas, and Time Magazine. 

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Mick McGinty

Mick’s rising recognition among notable American southwest artists includes participation at the 10th Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art in 2018.

In recent years, Mick attributes a shift in his creative focus to inspiration he found in the works of Ernest Blumenschein and Maynard Dixon, who, like Mick, enjoyed successful illustration careers before being drawn to the American Southwest to paint landscape. 

Born and raised in Nebraska, Mick’s art career began with academic training at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. After graduating with Great Distinction in 1979, he honed his artistic skills at Willardson & White Design in Santa Monica, California. Mick produced images for numerous movie advertising campaigns, including Superman, Flash Gordon, Gremlins, and Batman. He also created album cover art for the bands 38 Special and The Police. Mick takes particular pride for creating the original poster art used during the launch of MTV. 

Mick later created illustrations for such memorable movie posters as Harry and the Hendersons, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Dragnet, Curse of the Pink Panther, and The Adams Family. He is well known to the gaming world for producing video game cover art on the Street Fighter series and Zoo Tycoon series.

Today Mick’s focus revolves around the pleasure he derives from painting landscapes in the Southwest and West, with particular focus on America’s national parks. His rising recognition among notable American southwest artists includes participation in the invitational 10th Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, 2018. 

While his strong technical skills are still highly evident in his paintings, Mick believes the freedom to interpret color and apply brushwork with fluidity have helped him develop a personal style that doesn’t merely replicate landscape.

Mick currently lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife Kerry.

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